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Together we can achieve your goals. Collabree supports you in keeping to your therapy plan. We send you reminders to take your medication and reward your healthy behaviour. With Collabree you can enjoy the important moments in life in peace and quiet.

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Patienten erhalten Erinnerungen zur Medikamenteneinnahme

Reminders for taking medication

Never miss taking your medication! Collabree sends you reminders to take your medications on time. Collabree also gives you access to important information about your therapy plan. This information is available to you at all times.


Inspiration for your everyday life

Collabree provides daily health tips on various topics such as nutrition or exercise. In this way we support you in achieving your goals and establishing healthy habits.

Patienten werden mittels Punkten zu einer besseren Therapietreue motiviert

Motivation to change behaviour

Collect valuable points if you take your medication correctly, take part in a quiz and update your vital signs. You can redeem the points you collect for shopping vouchers or in the form of a donation, for example. Have fun and success in collecting points.