Sticky habits made easy.

We are not a simple reminder app. We motivate you and reward healthy and sustainable behavior along the way. Together we create sustainable and sticky habits for better health.

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We accompany you during your therapy

Successfully implement your therapy plan with Collabree. Whether it’s taking medication, measuring blood pressure, or exercising. Simply save your individual and personal therapy plan. We accompany you during the implementation, motivate you purposefully and reward your progress.

"For my patients, Collabree helps them become more informed and engaged with their condition and they take their medications more consistently."

  • Nephrologist - Dialysis center
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Sustainable habits pay off

Collect valuable points when you take your medication correctly, take part in a quiz or update your vital signs. You can use the points regularly to join raffles in which you can win attractive prizes. Good luck and have fun chasing points.

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Our approach is scientifically based

Our digital intervention uses scientifically tested and sound approaches to help you establish sustainable routines and simplify your life. We believe 100% in the success of our approach. For this reason, the intervention is also being tested for effectiveness in an ongoing clinical trial.

Collabree at a glance

We are more than a boring reminder app. We help you change your behavior and successfully implement your therapy plan.

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Constant companion

You are important to us. We will support you throughout your entire patient journey.

Scientifically sound

Our approach was developed with experts and is scientifically based.

100% personalized

We offer complete flexibility to map your therapy plan.

Instant gratification

We thank you with different and instant incentives for your healthy behavior.

Do you want to know how Collabree works?

We are more than a boring reminder app and support all our users to successfully stick to the therapy plan.

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Be part of the Collabree family.

Start successfully implementing your treatment plan today. Collabree, your family and your health will thank you.

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